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What we tasted: Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Maple Syrup

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Farmer: The Alvarez Family

Altitude: 1500 MASL

Ideal for: All Brew Methods


El Salvador - Finca El Borbollon

  • The Alvarez family has been growing coffee in El Salvador for over 100 years and across four generations. Their award-winning farms are located on the lush green hills of Santa Ana, in the west of the country, whose rich volcanic soils and mild climate provide ideal conditions for growing coffee. The beans which together make up El Borbollón come from two small neighboring farms – La Reforma and Santa Maria. They are hand-picked and collected in traditional hand woven baskets from December until March by pickers who have been specially trained to select only the best and fully-mature coffee cherries.

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