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The Hario V60 is the most common method of making filter coffee by hand, leaving you with a smoother & cleaner tasting cup of coffee. It allows you to have full control over the extraction by adjusting multiple variables within the recipe, however that can also make it slightly easier to brew incorrectly. By following these steps you’ll be able to master this technique and brew the best filter coffee possible.

What you need:

  • Hario V60 Filter

  • Hario V60 Filter Papers

  • Glass Jug/Cup

  • Kettle (preferably a goose neck kettle to help with the pour)

  • Grinder (Burr, not blade)

  • Scales

  • Timer

  • Spoon

  • Good Coffee - Available here!


The Basics:

  1. Two cup recipe = 26g coffee, 468g water

  2. Medium Grind (Like Sand)

  3. Water Temperature at 95°C-98°C

  4. Add 52g of water and wait for 30 seconds

  5. Add the remaining 416g of water, finishing at 1:30-2:00

  6. Finish draining by 2:30-3:30



  • RATIO - The ratio of your coffee to water is the most important step in any brewing process. Too much coffee leaves you with an extraction that’s too strong, and too little can leave you with an extraction that’s too weak. The golden ratio is approx. 18:1 (18 parts water to every 1 part coffee). So for a two cup brew we recommend 26g coffee to 468g water.

  • FILTER - Fold the filter paper across the join before opening it up, placing it into the V60 Filter and rinsing it with water just off the boil (95°C-98°C, so that it doesn’t damage the coffee flavour later on) into the Glass Jug or Cup. This will remove any paper flavour as well as pre-heating the vessel. Then discard the water used.

  • GRIND - Weigh out 26g of coffee and freshly grind it so that the grounds are a similar consistency to sand. Not too coarse, not too fine. If you are using a smaller amount of coffee then you may need to go slightly finer to restrict the flow of the water. Add the coffee into the filter.

  • BLOOM - Create a slight well into the coffee grounds with your finger, then set the jug and filter on top of your scale and zero it. Start your timer, and then you want to saturate the coffee with 52g of water (twice the amount of coffee used). This is called the Bloom, and helps to de-gass the coffee, especially when it is fresh. You should see it bubble up and rise slightly like a muffin, which should take about 30-45 seconds.

  • POUR - Slowly start to pour water in an even spiral, avoiding pouring down the side of the filter. If using 26g of coffee, then you want to reach a total of 468g of water (including that which was added in the bloom). If the filter is looking pretty full, you can pause half way through for about 10 seconds before resuming the pour. Once done, grab your spoon and gently help the remaining water to spin by stirring a few times without touching the sides of the filter. This should help provide an even extraction.

  • ENJOY - The remaining water should take 3 minutes in total to filter through the coffee. Any more than 4 minutes and the coffee will be over extracted (bitter/astringent), and you should make the grind more coarse next time, any less than 2 minutes 30 seconds then the coffee will be under extracted (sour/acidic) and you should make the grind finer next time. Remove the filter, serve and enjoy!

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