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With this Coffee Kenton Cool and Crude are supporting the Juniper Trust -  A £1 donation made for every bag sale


For more info on the great work that the Juniper Charity do please visit -



Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading high-altitude climbers, an avid adventurer and also a highly engaging and inspiring motivational speaker. He has successfully climbed Mount Everest 15 times along with many other mountain peaks around the globe. He is the only Briton to ski down two 8,000m peaks and is an IFMGA guide.


His goal is to inspire the next generation"


We are proud to keep Kenton powered and fueled as he continues his adventures. Each blend has been created as a tribute to kentons Climbing success and has Kentons official stamp of approval to help you “get it done”


What we tasted: 

Warming notes of Hot Chocolate and Kool Strawberry Ice Cream


Varietal: Heirloom and Mundo Nova

Farmer: Various Small holders

Altitude: '8849' 



Kenton Cool - Everest Blend

  • The Juniper Trust was founded in 1994 by a group of volunteers, inspired by writer and teacher Angela Locke following her first visit to Nepal. Since those early beginnings, JT has grown and supported many worthwhile projects across the world, but its basic vision remains the same as it was at the start: to work in a low-impact, sustainable way to support the poorest communities, particularly children, listening to community needs in the developing world

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